“What’s the Hazard?” Podcast Sits Down with MākuSafe CoFounder, Gabriel Glynn

August 1, 2022

Doug Fletcher of Fletcher Safety Consulting talks with MākuSafe Co-Founder and CEO, Gabriel Glynn on this episode of “What’s the Hazard.” Gabe explains how early on in his personal experience with safety management in industrial environments, the only option was to “wait for something bad to happen, find out why it happened and try to keep it from happening again.” An idea clicked and a vision was born for a technology that would allow safety managers to see a little bit in the future so they can be more proactive in the way they manage workplace safety.

Click the video below to see the full podcast episode and learn more about MākuSafe’s wearable technology and how it’s helping send more workers home safely each day. An audio-only version of the podcast is available here.