Wearable technology to improve safety and productivity

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The sensors within the MākuSafe® core device focuses on four types of data: 

  1. Environmental conditions around the worker such as heat, humidity, light, noise and air quality.
  2. Any hazardous motion experienced by or performed by the worker.
  3. The location of the worker at the time a sensor threshold is met.
  4. Voice memos from the worker about conditions they are experiencing or observing.

No.  MākuSafe’s analytics platform, MākuSmart® runs in the cloud so you never need to install any software at your facility.

MākuSafe® can use your current Ethernet, WiFi or IoT networks as long as those networks do not have a “splash page”.

If WiFi or internet connectivity is NOT available in the facility or work area, MākuSafe® can provide a information about a recommended network provider that can install a cellular based network for a fee — if there is adequate cellular coverage from a carrier in your area.

Depending on your facility or work area size and the amount of equipment being installed, setup and installation should take only a few hours. If you require multiple Base Stations, and an above average amount of equipment, the installation time will vary.

The MākuSafe® Base Station is normally mounted near an entrance that employees use to enter and leave the work area, often times near a time clock.

Each Base Station requires an open space at least 2 feet by 3 feet on a wall and should be within 6’ of a power outlet mounted 4’ on center from the floor.

Yes. The MākuSafe® workforce wearable arm band comes in 2 sizes, medium and large.  Size medium fits most people.

Yes, but the core device will only report an indicator within range of your WiFi network or when you return to that WiFi network.


Yes, the MākuSafe® workforce wearable core device has been designed and tested in wet conditions; although, it will not function properly if fully submerged in liquids or sprayed with a high-pressure sprayer.

The MākuSafe® core device will detect unusual amounts of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs) or CO2 in the air. A high TVOC level will be indicated at 999pbb and above. A high CO2 level will be indicated at 4999 ppm and above.

The number of people at your company that have access to your dashboard is determined by the primary contact overseeing the contract with MākuSafe®. MākuSafe® does not put a limit on the number of dashboard users.

MākuSafe® indicators generally take 30 seconds to show up on the MākuSmart® dashboard, but time does vary depending on connectivity speeds.  The core device will continue to try to send that indicator until it is successfully sent to the MākuSmart® platform.

To leave a voice memo, a worker will simply press and hold the button on the core device for approximately 3 seconds until it flashes. Then continue to press the button while recording a 15-second message. Once the worker is done recording the message he/she/they simply let go of the button and return to work. The MākuSafe® system will deliver and transcribe the message to the MākuSmart® dashboard for the safety manager to address.

Workers frequently use the voice memo to report observations and near-misses, for example:

  • Pallets are stacked precariously and pose a danger to those in the walkway
  • A first-aid station needs to be restocked
  • A loading dock is slippery and needs attention before someone gets hurt
  • A coworker is experiencing symptoms of food poisoning and needs medical attention
  • An exit is partially blocked
  • A machine is shorting out

While we don’t encourage this, it is not uncommon for a worker to forget and wear their workforce wearable that they checked out to their home after their shift.  The worker should simply tell their manager and return the core device to the base station where it was checked out when they start their next shift, we want to be sure the battery is fully charged.

The MākuSafe® workforce wearable and the core device is ruggedized and built to withstand normal wear and tear in tough work environments which includes dropping the core device from reasonable heights.

No. The sensors within the workforce wearable are passively monitoring conditions and only capturing location when a threshold is met or exceeded.

The location of the worker is not continuously tracked, however, when the MākuSafe® workforce wearable core device senses something of interest, the core device will capture that data, then listen for bluetooth signals from beacons placed throughout the facility (included in setup) to determine the location of the worker.  The MākuSafe® workforce wearable and core device only captures the location of the worker when a sensor threshold is reached.

When the core device senses something of interest, the core device will record sensor data and send this data over your WiFi network to the Base Station and onto the MākuSmart® cloud dashboard.

Yes. The MākuSmart® platform allows dashboard users to select what types of indicators they would like to receive in the form of an SMS (Text) notification. This allows them to stay updated on their device while out on the floor or at a job site.

The data collected by the device is protected and the only people who have access to this data are those in the company authorized to view the information.

No. MākuSafe® has done extensive research and has chosen to NOT provide feedback directly to the worker.  Instead our focus is on providing leadership with actionable insight/data they can use to resolve a hazard or have a meaningful conversation with workers.

When a worker starts their shift, they approach the MākuSafe® Base Station and enter a predetermined code assigned by the employer.  At that time, the MākuSafe® system will assign a core device for that shift by showing a flashing green light around the correct device. The worker removes that device and places in the holster on his/her armband.

The sensors and associated software algorithms are programmed to assume data is gathered on the upper arm, above the bicep and outside of all clothing. MākuSafe® has tested this position on many different workers and environments and results were consistently better in this position regardless of job, person size or work environment.

No. The wearable core device does not monitor anything biometric/personal/HIPAA covered about the wearer. The MākuSafe workforce wearable is worn on the upper arm of an employee “looking outward” at the environmental conditions (i.e. ambient air temperature, humidity, air quality, light levels, noise, etc.) that surround him/her.