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MākuSafe® is proud to work with manufacturers and industrial organizations globally. Our clients range from heavy industrial to light manufacturers, fabricators, assembly, millwork, consumer goods, and more.

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Fall From Height Construction

MākuSafe indicated a trip/fall had occurred. The safety leader was notified via text that a worker had
tripped, fallen and slid down a roof. The incident was promptly investigated and the safety leader confirmed the individual was okay, and all workers were wearing harnesses.

Potential Loss Avoidance $50K+
Repetitive Motion Injury Construction

Several hazardous repetitive motion indicators alerted the safety manager to an issue at the job site. It was discovered that workers used a rope to pull supplies to the third floor of a building under construction. The safety
leader advised the crew to use an alternative method, thereby avoiding potential injuries.

Potential Loss Avoidance $30K+
Near Miss Construction

A worker reported to the safety leader via voice memo, “You’re going to want to see this and you’re not going to like it!” The Safety Manager received the notification in their MākuSmart dashboard, and investigated immediately. A stop work order was issued until the problem was remedied on the job site.

Hearing Loss Construction

Workers were cutting material (wearing hearing protection) but it was not anticipated that unprotected workers nearby would also be exposed to high noise levels. The safety manager received a voice memo from a MākuSafe device regarding the issue. PPE requirements were established for the nearby workers, and the area was roped off with a “Hearing Protection Required” sign.

Potential Loss Avoidance $30K avg.
Heat Stress Construction

High Heat notifications came from workers’ MākuSafe devices that were operating on metal decking. Leadership observed the area and took corrective action. It was discovered that heat level was reduced based on decking material workers stood on. The adjustment was communicated and workers were encouraged to take breaks and visit hydration stations.

Potential Loss Avoidance $23k+
Hearing Loss Construction

A High Noise notification alerted the Safety Manager to a worker who was already at 90% of the daily recommended noise capacity (Time Weighted Average), early in his shift. Leadership also found the worker was not wearing hearing protection while drilling holes in concrete. Corrective action was taken, and importance of PPE discussed. The indicator was flagged as a ‘Near Miss’ in their MākuSmart dashboard.

Potential Loss Avoidance $30K avg.
Exertion Injury Commercial Textiles

Safety leader compared workers in the same job role across 4 different sites that have deployed MākuSafe. Based on the motion data gathered, they were able to see that workers at one location were doing their job 750% more physically than the other locations!

Sprain/Fracture CPG Manufacturer

A production worker was removing plastic wrap/packaging from a pallet, stepped on the plastic wrap and fell to the ground. The shift supervisor validated that the employee did indeed trip and fall but was not injured. A change was implemented to make the process safer.

Potential Loss Avoidance $46k avg.
Sprain/Strain Equipment Manufacturer

A worker’s wearable picked up hazardous motion when an employee was using a potentially hazardous force to repeatedly swing parts from a pallet to a shelf.

Potential Loss Avoidance $30K avg.
Sprain/Fracture Food Packaging

A worker used a voice memo first thing one morning to report slick surface throughout their entire department. The safety manager determined the wrong paint was used on the floor. The maintenance team had used a gloss paint with no “grit” added, posing a slip/trip/fall risk.

Potential Loss Avoidance $46k avg. per occurrence
Sprain/Fracture CPG Manufacturer

MākuSafe customer success team reviewed movement data using the MākuSmart analytics platform and contacted a shift supervisor who in turn interviewed the employee. The employee indicated they had indeed slipped and fallen during their normal work station process.

Potential Loss Avoidance $46K avg.
Arm Injury Food Packaging

A production line worker used the voice memo feature on her wearable to recommend adding padding to a machine where her co-worker had bruised her arm. The safety manager investigated the situation and found this to be widespread among workers. Padding was installed. Listening to workers also uncovered a process improvement suggestion which eliminated an awkward lifting motion.

Sprain/Fracture Steel Foundry

Shift Supervisor was notified of a hazardous motion via MākuSmart. The Supervisor and Safety Director discussed the incident with the worker and determined he tripped on the new small ergonomic mat in his work area. Larger mats were deemed as more appropriate, and replacements made.

Potential Loss Avoidance $30K avg.
Sprain/Strain Equipment Manufacturer

Based on motion data collected by the MākuSafe wearable, a safety manager was able to identify an employee using an implement with excessive, repetitive force. The safety manager took action on this ‘Good Catch’ and addressed how the job could be performed differently before an injury occurred.

Potential Loss Avoidance $46K avg.
Sprain/Strain Commercial Textiles

The MākuSafe wearable identified high force unclassified push/pull motion from an aging worker. The safety manager discussed with the worker and learned that the heavy cart they pulled all day from area to area had damaged casters. They noted the hazard and assigned to maintenance.

Potential Loss Avoidance $12K-$25K
Air Quality Issue CPG Manufacturer

Safety leader noticed high TVOC’s/CO2 detected. Discussion between the shift supervisor and worker pointed to raw materials from a supplier smelling differently. They created a plan to leave a voice memo whenever material smelled unusual to track quality concerns through production, and address the supplier issue.

Hearing Loss Metal Fabrication

A worker who is responsible for running an industrial power washer was routinely experiencing 200%+ of his allowable sound dosage within the first few hours of his shift (8 hour time weighted average as specified by OSHA.) Safety leadership took note of the hazard and hearing protection was reevaluated for this role.

Potential Loss Avoidance $10K-30K avg.

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MakuSafe is proud to work with manufacturers and industrial organizations globally. Our clients range from heavy industrial to light manufacturers, fabricators, assembly, millwork, consumer goods, and more.

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