Industrial Wearables Webinars On-Demand

July 9, 2020

Our series of informative web events centering around workforce wearables for industrial safety management. Be sure to bookmark our channel page and check back often for the latest live event postings!

On Demand Webinars

Workforce Wearables In Action: Case Studies from MākuSafe

  • Actual use cases and findings resulting from pilot deployments in industry will be examined.
  • Customer use cases
  • Examples of indicators to potential hazards detected
  • Varied industrial environments from heavy manufacturing to food processing
  • Discussion of safety leader actions taken to mitigate risk proactively
  • Insights about potential loss avoidance realized

ACORD Webinar: How Workforce Wearable Data is Impacting Worker Safety

1. How wearable technology provides a unique means of gathering relevant EHS data while respecting employee privacy.
2. How machine learning & AI are being used to identify high-risk safety trends.
3. How analytics intelligence can be provided to safety leaders in an easy-to-understand format with actionable advice before incidents happen.
4. How T.R.U.E. Leading Indicators to Hazards & Risk help companies reduce risks and workers’ compensation claims.
5. Case studies with findings and insights around; process improvements, environmental hazards detected, uncovering harmful human motion, and positively impacting safety culture.  

MākuSmart 2.0: Making Real-Time Wearable EHS Data Immediately Actionable

·        Actionable priorities at-a-glance! The new dashboard layout.
·        What’s a voice memo / near miss
·        Environmental & motion indicators
·        Understanding trends
·        Identifying hazards, and creating tasks
·        Generating reports

Top 5 Benefits Of Workforce Wearables In Your Safety Program

·        Real-time access to leading indicator EHS data
·        Safety management effectiveness and efficiency
·        Voice recorded near-miss reporting and observations from the front lines
·        No personal info, no distractions, respect for worker privacy
·        The positive impact on organizational culture and safety mindset

Mākusafe Webinar Channel

Be sure to book mark our channel page and check back often for the latest in our series of informative events around workforce wearables for industrial safety management.