The MākuSafe® Hardware Solution

MākuSafe’s innovative hardware ecosystem is fully scalable for any size operation, job site, or workforce.  Easy to deploy, “kits” include the MākuSafe wearable devices, armbands, base station kiosks, installation and ongoing support.

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wearable technology data analytics station
wearable technology device on arm

Workforce Wearable Device

The core wearable device is small but carries an array of IoT-enabled sensors which gather data on ever-changing environmental conditions, potentially hazardous human motion, proximity and location – all of which are essential to worker safety and health.

In addition, the wearable allows workers to record  near-miss voice memo reports, good catches, and observations from the front lines with the push of a button. These reports and leading indicator data are sent to safety leaders for action.

IoT Sensors Aimed at Safety