Pricing & ROI

The National Safety Council estimates the average cost of a slip and fall claim to be $47,516. Avoiding even one slip and fall accident typically would more than cover the cost of MākuSafe for hundreds of workers over an entire year or more. It is routine for MākuSafe to help uncover findings in the first few weeks about unknown hazards that provide immediate and significant return on investment.

Every organization is unique, and has different needs. MākuSafe is being used globally by thousands of workers, and our team collaborates with organizations large and small. Typically, each wearable device may be shared by workers on different shifts which reduces cost. Estimate your cost using one of our helpful calculators below, or contact us to get a custom quote.

What's Included

The patented MākuSafe® system combines a robust safety management software platform with innovative wearable technology that provides immediate access to real-time EHS data with predictive value.

Predictive Leading Indicator EHS Data Hazard Identification, Documentation & Remediation. Easy. Economical. Effective.

Wearable Devices
  • Each base station kiosk houses 20 wearable devices
  • Each device can be used by two workers per day on different shifts
  • Needed accessories are included
Analytics Dashboard
  • MākuSmart cloud safety analytics dashboard access
  • Includes seat licenses for as many Leaders as needed
  • Real-time risk & hazard intelligence with custom reporting
White Glove Service
  • All onboarding & setup provided
  • Typical installation included
  • Ongoing support with our team of Certified Safety Specialists

M.E.P. - Managed Evaluation Program

It's common for organizations to need a way to get started and evaluate our technology. Our approach is an MEP which is designed to gather a volume of data, from which we are very confident we can demonstrate value as swiftly as possible. Most often this looks like; identifying a site location, deploying 100 wearables, covering up to 200 workers, for 100 days. That will yield approximately 100,000 hours of wearable work data, provided the organization can commit to at least 90% utilization. MākuSafe's Certified Safety Specialists then provide a robust summary of all data gathered, insights & findings, along with recommended next steps. This creates the swiftest path to value, and avoids your team having to become expert users of a new tool before it pays back.

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MakuSafe is proud to work with manufacturers and industrial organizations globally. Our clients range from heavy industrial to light manufacturers, fabricators, assembly, millwork, consumer goods, and more.

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