Webinar | The Accel Group & MākuSafe Discuss Reducing Work Comp Claims with Wearable Tech

August 2, 2022

MākuSafe’s Tom West recently participated in a webinar with Matt Getz from The Accel Group to discuss how wearable tech is reducing work comp claims and improving loss control in the insurance industry. Specifically, MākuSafe is using wearable sensor technology to gather data from the arm of a front-line worker that has predictive value in understanding where risks and hazards may occur. Insurance companies, like Accel Group have noted these capabilities and in a desire to help mitigate risks for their clients have explored how wearable tech can impact the safety and wellbeing of workers. Even those that may think wearable tech is too innovative, certainly understand the value in data that can help workers avoid risks and be as safe as possible each day. View the webinar below to hear the full conversation.

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