Contact Tracing & Industry 4.0 Automation Upgrades Announced

March 3, 2021

West Des Moines, IA (March 2, 2021) – MākuSafe has recently released two updates which will have a significant impact for customers who need effective contact tracing and for those seeking industry 4.0 automation capabilities. MākuSafe is the leading connected worker technology; combining a safety focus with the ability to digitally connect workers to smart machines, smart buildings and other factory automation technology, squarely positioning the company at the center of Industry 4.0.

Proximity Detection with RāngeView

The first of these enhancements is built around MākuSafe’s RāngeView technology, which allows a wearable device on the arm of a worker to detect proximity to other wearables as well as other IIoT devices. This enables accurate contact tracing, and also opens up a range of possibilities for integrating the connected worker with a smart factory. MākuSafe wearables are now speaking to IoT enabled equipment, providing a significant opportunity for improved productivity. The company is excited to now begin to address emerging customer needs, for example, controlling access to restricted spaces or machinery based on who’s wearable device is present.

Cloud Business Platform

The company’s cloud-based software platform MākuSmart, is at the heart of the newest innovation. MākuSmart not only ingests data from the innovative workforce wearable technology, but it also now works as a robust business platform that integrates with customer automation solutions.  This provides a new level of integration and context between the connected worker and factory software. Deeper insights into operational efficiencies and process improvement are being realized by customers today. 

“Connected workers are the future of every worksite across the planet. Just like safety glasses, hearing protection, and hard hats, workforce wearables are the next evolution. Increased safety and improved productivity are the driving forces behind Industry 4.0 and connected worker technologies like MākuSafe.”  said Gabriel Glynn CEO, MākuSafe.

New Reporting Functionality

The MākuSmart software platform offers robust data analytics and reporting functionality. Immediately actionable high priority notifications are provided in an easy to understand layout to aid safety leaders. Now, a full reporting module has been added so clients can extract and study meaningful data by creating their own custom reports, or by using a suite of pre-designed report templates. 

One of these available templates allows for on-demand contact tracing for any specified timeframe. If a worker has been exposed or diagnosed with COVID-19, their employer can provide notifications to those whom they have been within six feet of immediately. For employers in states where legislation has been passed like California’s AB 685, which requires companies to have contact tracing knowledge and provide notifications to exposed workers, this enhancement eases that burden now, and can be adapted as regulations evolve and change. 

The deep data insights from the updated MākuSmart reports empower safety leaders to make informed decisions to keep workers safe. For example, the reported data will allow a safety professional to see high force repetitive motion and physicality of a group of workers and examine environmental conditions in a particular work area based on multiple sensor readings over time, and more.

All-Inclusive Subscription Pricing

MākuSafe offers its solution in an all-inclusive subscription model at $22 per wearable device per month, and there are no additional fees for access to the MākuSmart platform. Further, firmware upgrades to hardware, like the proximity detection mentioned, are easily pushed out to existing customers offering enhanced capabilities for no additional cost. The company prides itself on continuous delivery of software upgrades to its MākuSmart platform as well, so new features and functionality are available right away.

Connected Worker Technology

“The industrial wearables market is projected to grow from USD 1.1 billion in 2019 to USD 8.6 billion by 2024,” as noted in the 2020 Markets to Markets Report. MākuSafe is the leading connected worker technology; combining a safety focus with the ability to digitally connect workers to smart machines, smart buildings and other factory automation technology, squarely positioning the company at the center of Industry 4.0. MākuSafe currently has customers in multiple US States across the Midwest, extending to the coasts, and has just started shipping internationally.

About MākuSafe

MākuSafe is an award-winning safety data and analytics company based in America’s Heartland. Our mission is to improve worker health, safety, and productivity while reducing worker compensation claims and mitigating workplace hazards and risk exposures. Founded in 2016, MākuSafe developed patented wearable technology that gathers; real-time leading indicators of environmental conditions, potentially hazardous motion data, near-miss voice memos from workers, and the location of these occurrences within a facility or site. Our cloud platform, MākuSmart, takes in data from our wearable tech and other Industry 4.0 IIoT systems and equipment, then uses machine learning and AI to identify high-risk trends in the facility, aid process efficiencies, and provides automation integration potential. The portal makes hazard intelligence immediately actionable, proactively targets remediation resources to specific conditions and occurrences, and streamlines compliance reporting as well as offering COVID related features. The MākuSafe approach respects worker privacy, positively impacts safety culture and mindset. MākuSafe delivers its product through insurance carriers, as well as directly to industrial end-users.  Learn more at (video) or https://Mā