COVID-19 Social Distancing & Contact Tracing

The MākuSafe solution helps organizations manage concerns related to COVID-19 and stopping the spread of contagious diseases.

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Wearable PPE for Contact Tracing

The MākuSafe wearable armband is company-issued personal protective equipment (PPE) that gathers data related to safe working conditions, but is also useful for managing COVID-19. When worn on the arm of a worker, the device will gather information about with whom they have been in close contact. When contact tracing is required, an on-demand report is available to leadership for any specified timeframe.

Wearable Technology on Construction Workers

Worker to Worker Proximity

The wearable safety device carries Bluetooth technology onboard, which detects proximity between a worker and others wearing an armband. MākuSafe calls this technology RāngeView. RāngeView is useful for many applications where a worker’s range to or from another worker, or equipment, is important.

Worker wearing a wearable technology device

Exposure Notice

The CDC guidelines for COVID-19 continue to evolve regarding how much contact time and social distance is recommended. Further, many states now have laws or legislation in progress such as California’s AB 685, which requires employers to comply with exposure notification protocol. MākuSafe makes it possible to trace contacts between workers and manage notifications more easily.

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Population Density

MākuSafe also displays Worker Density Mapping. This map enables safety leaders to view the density of the worker population, by facility location or site area, over time. This intelligence can help safety managers determine areas that need additional safeguards to ensure social distancing or further cleaning and sanitation measures.

Staff are checking fever for workers, engineers and foreman. In the storage area that prepares international shipping

Future Capabilities

MākuSafe is dedicated to keeping industrial workers safe, and enabling management effectiveness and efficiency. Our team wants to engage with you to hear about the challenges you’re facing and discuss how our solution may be of help. Book a demo!

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