MākuSafe Launches Pilot Partner Program (PPP)

We're excited to announce that MākuSafe is now offering a paid pilot opportunity for insurance partners. This program will offer a very limited number of workers compensation insurers to become early adopters of MākuSafe technology. We believe that through these pilots with close strategic partners and their policy holders we can gain deeper insight into the predictive value of the data collected and collaborate strategically on how insurers take in and act on that data to create safer workplaces.

Join MākuSafe at Inside/Outside Innovation Summit

MākuSafe CTO, Mark Frederick, invited to the I/O Tech Innovation Summit! We're proud to be part of the Startup Showcase, and also one of six companies selected to compete in the $120K Startup Investment Pitch Competition + $25K LNK Launch Grant! Lincoln, NE - MAY 29-31, 2018

MākuSafe profiled in Insurance Business!

Insurtech start-up 'makes you safe' with workplace wearable tech... "The MākuSafe wearable is worn by employees on the company floor and is constantly gathering real-time environmental and motion data designed to help manufacturers better understand workplace risks and automatically report near-miss or risky situations."

About MākuSafe

MākuSafe was formed by a powerful team of software, hardware and data engineers in an effort to prove that workplaces around the globe can be made safer by gathering environmental data around workers WHILE they work. Using analytics and machine learning technology we can turn that data into predictors so that accidents can be stopped before they happen.

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