EMC Limited Opportunity with Wearable Safety Tech!

EMC Limited Opportunity with Wearable Safety Tech!

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MākuSafe partnership offers EMC Agents & Insured no-cost trial of wearable technology.

EMC Agents and Clients with industrial operations and EMC workers’ compensation policies have the unique opportunity to participate in a no-cost, 12-month trial of wearable safety technology from MākuSafe.

Candidates should have at least 20 employees per facility and be willing to regularly use the systems and provide feedback. Less than 40 systems are available, and trial enrollment will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

MākuSafe’s sensors capture motion and environmental data in real-time, and their web-based platform gives company safety leaders new insights and helps them prioritize their workplace safety and risk control efforts.

I’d like to learn more.

For those who want to learn more, the MākuSafe Team hosted a series of webinars for EMC Agents and Insured. In case you missed them, you can catch a recorded webinar that includes a general overview of the technology and software platform demo plus answers to questions from participants.

I’d like to schedule a demo.

If you would like to get a 1-1 guided tour of the wearable safety device and software platform, schedule a demo and someone from our Customer Success Team will answer all your questions.

I’m ready to participate now!

For EMC Agents and Clients who would be interested in signing up now, simply fill out the form below and a MākuSafe team member will get in touch swiftly to answer questions and discuss details/scheduling.

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Frequently Asked Questions About MākuSafe Safety Wearables:

What is a wearable sensor?

The MākuSafe device is about the size and weight of a matchbox, and designed to be worn on an employee’s arm in an adjustable, breakaway armband. It carries several sensors which collect data about the employee’s work environment. The information is sent to the cloud-based MākuSafe platform for analysis.

How do the sensors work?

The sensors in the MākuSafe device collect data on noise, air quality, lighting, temperature, humidity, air pressure, general location and motion that may indicate slips and falls. The device communicates with the MākuSafe platform, usually using your Wi-Fi. When high-risk trends are detected, an alert is sent to your safety contact. The MākuSafe platform will also generate suggested corrective actions to address hazardous conditions.

How will this technology benefit me?

By constantly collecting environmental and human motion data, the MākuSafe platform can identify indicators of potential risk and, without interrupting the worker, immediately recommend solutions to the safety contact — sometimes before an injury occurs.

Can I check the data measured by the safety devices?

Yes, the software platform is available to the safety contact and site managers so they can view the collected data and recommendations at any time.

Do the devices track my workers’ locations?

The devices are designed to monitor the work areas around employees— not the employees themselves. The devices collect general location data to document detected high-risk conditions but do not report employees’ real-time locations for tracking purposes. No personal or biometric information is collected.

Do I have to monitor the sensors?

No, data is collected by the device’s sensors and automatically sent to the MākuSafe cloud-based platform. If a high-risk trend is detected, an alert with recommendations for corrective action will be displayed on the platform’s dashboard.

What should I do if the MākuSafe platform makes a recommendation?

When high-risk conditions are detected, recommendations will be sent to your safety contact person. The contact person should review the information and take appropriate action to remedy the situation.

What happens if someone wears a device home?

The employee can simply return the device at his or her next shift. The device may need to be charged before it’s ready for another shift.

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