Proactive Safety Management with Wearable Technology

Proactive Safety Management with Wearable Technology

 We understand the steep challenges you are facing today in order to keep your workers safe. Now, more than ever, employers must take proactive measures to keep their workforce safe and healthy. Industrial wearable safety technology like MākuSafe can help you improve worker safety and productivity while reducing incidents and mitigating workplace hazards and risk exposures. 

  • Voice Recorded Near-Miss Reports
  • Slips/Trips/Falls, Push/Pull, Hazardous Motion
  • Heat Protocol, Air Quality, Environmental Hazards, Fatigue
  • Sound Exposure, Hearing Conservation
  • COVID-19 Features, Contact Tracing, Worker Density Mapping
  • Safety Management Software, EHS Compliance
  • Proactive Safety, Leading Indicators

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How Does It Work?

7 Minute Wearable Tech Overview

Our Iowa-based company has patented an award-winning safety data & analytics solution that uses innovative wearable technology, and provides real-time access to EHS patterns and trends with predictive value. The mission that drives us is to help keep workers safe, and reduce accidents and claims by enabling workplace risk mitigation before incidents occur. 

wearable and base station
MākuSafe’s workforce wearable and base station

The MākuSafe device gathers environmental and motion data (nothing biometric or personal) that can help detect slips/trips, ergonomic concerns, air quality, heat index, noise exposure and more. Perhaps most important and often elusive for safety managers, is the device’s ability to effectively capture more near-miss communication from the front lines.  This risk intelligence adds to leadership effectiveness and efficiency, and we’ve been able to easily demonstrate loss avoidance and 1000%+ ROI.

COVID-19 Concerns

We recently announced new Contact Tracing and Worker Density Reporting functionality in response to COVID-19. On-demand Contact Tracing Reports can focus efforts when time is of the essence, and Worker Density Mapping Reports display worker concentrations throughout a facility. Both add to an organization’s ability to manage the spread more effectively.

Reduce Claims and Losses

We are confident that MākuSafe can help industrial companies’ return to work efforts and contribute to worker safety. Industrial organizations and insurers alike are now able to experience reduced claims and losses, increased worker engagement, and positive impact on safety culture.

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