MākuSmart Software Update: MākuScore

May 24, 2021

If you could give your safety program a score, what would it be? Would you be satisfied with it? MākuSafe’s EHS software can make your organization safer each day by taking steps to encourage safety-conscious behaviors. Your MākuScore is a reflection of day-to-day actions taken by your safety leadership team. The MākuScore acts as a benchmark or rating of activity in response to the data being gathered. Your site’s MākuScore is a number from 0 being the worst, to 100 being the best.

Your MākuScore is based on:

  • Overall usage and interaction with the MākuSmart application
  • Indicators and how they’re handled
  • Utilization of hazards and trend tracking tools
  • Deployment of wearable devices by workers on shift
  • Voice memos being reported and response to them
  • Addressing trends identified in the system
  • Each of these key areas has its own rating and can be explored in detail to improve

The MākuScore is a helpful guide to your progress and success with MākuSafe and its impact on your safety program. Our team of dedicated Account Managers is with you every step of the way as your score, and your safety program grows. If you’re ready to take a closer look at MākuSmart, let’s talk!