WorkForce Wearables: Worker Privacy & Cloud Data Security (made simple.)

May 27, 2021

The short video presentation covers the data security and privacy questions most often asked of us at MākuSafe. We’ve worked so hard to keep this simple. It seemed a simple video was the best way to explain how we keep data secure, ensure privacy, and collect nothing personal!

MākuSafe detects indicators of potential hazards and risks from workplace wearable sensors and presents that data as actionable intelligence for safety managers seconds later in our MākuSmart app. The wearable device uses IoT sensors to identify hazards, exposures, and near-miss data.

In near real-time safety intelligence is made available to leaders based on indicators of; environmental conditions, forceful/hazardous human motions, voice memos from the front lines, and the location of these occurrences.

MākuSafe is dedicated to worker privacy and data security. Our approach adheres to many key points, such as:

  • No personal data
  • Data encrypted/secure in motion
  • No biometrics, nothing HIPPAA covered
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Permissions access – only authorized viewers allowed to view data

*Music: bensound