How The MākuSafe® Solution Can Benefit Your Safety Program

How The MākuSafe® Solution Can Benefit Your Safety Program

MākuSafe® is an award-winning Safety, Data & Analytics solution aimed at improving worker health, safety, and productivity while reducing incidents and mitigating workplace hazards and risk exposures.

The patented MākuSafe® system combines a robust safety management software platform with innovative wearable technology that provides immediate access to real-time EHS data with predictive value.

MākuSafe® has shown to reduce workers’ comp claims frequency by 50% or more, and claims severity by 90%. Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo to get an inside look or watch the overview video below.

What Does The MakuSafe Wearable Do ?

Gather Leading Indicators of Hazards & Risk Automatically
MākuSafe provides real time actionable insights into; strain and exertion risks, slips/trips/falls, individual heat index, noise exposure, poor air quality, and more. Further, if the key to sending people home safely is understanding what they experience and capturing more near-miss reports, then MākuSafe provides significant value by breaking down barriers.

Capture More Near-Misses
MākuSafe enables push-to-talk worker reporting of observations and good catches, and automatically gathers relevant EHS data from wearable sensors, all while respecting employee privacy and contributing to an effective safety culture. Read more about voice reported near-miss communication.

Easy. Economical. Effective.
Aimed at keeping workers safe and increasing safety leader effectiveness and efficiency, the MākuSafe wearable gathers real-time leading indicator data on risks and hazards in the workplace. Then the MākuSmart cloud software platform displays data analytics, uses AI and machine learning to understand trends, and generate alerts paired with specific action recommendations for leadership. MākuSmart enhances the hazard identification/control process, eases the administration/compliance burden, can improve productivity, and enables management effectiveness with features like contact tracing.

Reduce Claims & Losses
We are confident that MākuSafe can aid safety management effectiveness and efficiency, positively impact safety culture and mindset, and help ensure workers go home safely each day. Industrial organizations and insurers alike are now able to experience reduced claims and losses, increased worker engagement, and positive impact on safety culture. There may even be opportunities to discuss available funding support!

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