Tom West to Present at IASA Exchange Lite

January 5, 2021

MākuSafe’s Tom West will present at IASA Xchange lite, March 22-23, 2021. This two-day conference offers various breadth and depth of industry-specific topics presented by 17 of the insurance industry’s most influential speakers, sharing the latest trends, issues, and what’s ahead in 2021.

The session, “How Wearable Tech is Disrupting Risk, Safety & Claims for Insurers” will be available virtually at 3pm EST on Day 1 of the event. Register today so you don’t miss out!

Session Title: How Wearable Tech is Impacting Risk, Claims and Efficacy

Session Description: Across all lines of business, data being gathered today from wearable technology, in conjunction with machine learning and analytics, is helping insurers carriers identify safety risks before they happen. We will discuss case studies involving leading edge technology that is helping predict when and where accidents could happen so risks and hazards can be reduced proactively by work comp, property & casualty, and health insurers’ loss control, and safety managers. Examples of insights, findings, and improvements in work processes and conditions will be profiled.

Learning Objectives:

  • How wearable tech is being used to measure environmental factors that impact workers’ productivity and keep workers safe, and how T.R.U.E. (timely, relevant, unique and economical) indicator data points with predictive value, lead to trend identification and insights that can be acted upon to reduce risks and eliminate hazards before incidents occur.
  • Provide an overview of case studies, insights and findings from recent deployments of wearable safety technology. Users and wearers’ feedback from a variety of settings, as well as examples of how insurers are responding and applying the insights garnered by IoT initiatives to better manage risk and reduce claims.
  • Provide an understanding of the types of data gathered, validation, and examples of resulting process improvements, increased safety culture, reduced incidents, predictive trends, and more.