The MākuSafe® software team strengthens with new engineer

January 21, 2018

Beginning January 15, 2018, Damon Gentry accepted a role as Software Engineer for MākuSafe. Damon will be evolving the MākuSmart® platform so that it grows into an highly-capable safety data platform.

Before the internet was mainstream, Damon began his career creating graphics for computer games and creating 3D models for Engineering Animation, Inc (EAI). After building several client websites and falling in love with sites like 2Advanced and webagent007, he wanted to learn everything he could about Flash and web design. After working with strictly design, and what was at the time front-end technology, Damon began to expand his skill set by learning more about back-end development. Damon brings a wide range of experience ranging from large enterprise development to smaller agency work.

In 2011, after a loss in the family, Damon stepped way outside of his comfort zone and into the world of competitive bodybuilding. In 2016, he became an IPE Professional Bodybuilder. If you do a quick look around on the internet, you may find some random shots of him in his underwear.

Originally from Rockwell City in northwest Iowa, Damon and his wife Shelly live in Ankeny with their 10 year old son Nolan and 5 year old daughter Reagan.