MākuSafe® develops wearable devices to improve workplace safety

December 13, 2017

Glynn grew up in Iowa around the manufacturing industry and despite working in software, he was still heavily embedded in manufacturing and involved in organizations like the Iowa Association of Business and Industry.

He started interviewing the owners and managers of manufacturing plants for his podcast and while touring one day, witnessed firsthand the frustrations that accompany an audit by a regulatory body after someone lost their hearing at work and filed a claim against the company.

“I was touring a lot of these manufacturing plants around the Midwest, kind of as a hobby but also on behalf of ABI and some of the volunteer work I was doing,” said Glynn. “That was the first time that I discovered how facilities manage the environmental impact on workers. These facilities test things like lighting, air quality and sound, and they do it on an annual basis.”

Glynn said that’s when he realized there was a huge opportunity to take that process and turn it into something that’s both portable and constantly gathering those types of conditional data…

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