SME Magazine Honors Top 25

April 6, 2021

Gabriel Glynn, CEO and CoFounder of MākuSafe was honored as one of the top 25 leaders who are transforming the manufacturing industry. The recognition was bestowed by SME, the professional association committed to advancing manufacturing and developing a skilled workforce. The 25 leaders, who work at startups, large corporations, public-private partnerships and standards organizations, are successfully changing the pace and scope of technological adoption of smart manufacturing processes at the highest levels. The honor was particularly impactful for a small Iowa company to be included with global powerhouses like Black & Decker, GE, Hitachi, Moderna, Siemens and more.

Some in this group are advancing the integration of robots into their factories. Others are integrating artificial intelligence and augmented reality into work processes. Still others are using specialized cameras and machine vision for high-speed counting, vibration monitoring and predictive maintenance. All in this compilation were identified by SME Media’s Smart Manufacturing magazine in consultation with manufacturing experts from across a full range of industry segments and disciplines. 

SME 25 Leaders
SME Honors Top 25 Leaders

“We’ve seen in the last several months how quickly our industry can rebound to near full production,” said Robert Willig, executive director and CEO of SME. “These 25 luminaries in manufacturing are pushing the pace of change in our industry, paving the path that leads to elevated quality, improved productivity, increased profitability and higher employment here in North America. 

Gabe is the Co-Founder of MākuSafe, along with CTO, Mark Frederick. The company, headquartered in West Des Moines, IA developed an AI-driven business platform for process management, production automation and data-driven risk assessment for businesses that have workers with physical jobs. All of this is made possible by their proprietary wearable device that gathers data about the physical environment and human motion from directly on the worker. Unlike data gathered from equipment, MākuSafe enhances a worker’s experience through improvements in automation and safety.

“Men and women across the planet go to work every day in complex environments,” Glynn said. “The more we can understand about those environments, the more we can improve the outcomes for workers.” When this CEO envisions smart manufacturing in the future, “I see a beautifully choreographed dance between worker, environment and equipment beginning to emerge,” he said. “Automation will continue to grow at a rapid pace, and the role of human workers will continue to evolve. Industry 4.0 will find new ways to improve workflows, production processes, output, building design, product design, worker safety and so much more.”

The article in the April 2021 issue of Smart Manufacturing magazine includes significantly more detail on the advances and accomplishments of these exceptional leaders in their own areas of manufacturing. Click here to read the full article.

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