R.I.S.E. Hosts Wearable Tech & Work Comp Webinar with MākuSafe

April 6, 2021

Rising Insurance Star Executives (RISE) will host Tom West, Vice President of MākuSafe and Chad Veach Innovation Manager and Assistant Vice President at EMC Insurance Companies for a webinar on wearable safety tech and workers compensation. The webinar is open to members and non-members on Wednesday, April 7 at 2pm CST.

Here are the details of the webinar. Get registered here.

Wearable Safety Tech & Workers Comp Insurers: The Path to Reduced Losses, Expense Reduction, Brand Differentiation & Policyholder Engagement

Workforce wearables can go beyond biometrics and fitness, tracking useable data that’s relevant to operational success and reducing claims, while providing an edge for workers comp insurers. Focusing on the exposures around a worker rather than the worker themselves, this data includes environmental hazards, slips, trips, proximity, and near-misses, providing a more complete picture of workplace risk. With this data, insurers can gain real-time evidence-based insights leading to more effective loss control, and better engagement with their manufacturing, construction, and industrial policyholder organizations and proactively mitigate hazards before claims occur.

Hear from Tom West, Vice President of MākuSafe, a leader in workforce wearable technology, and Chad Veach, Innovation Manager and Assistant Vice President at EMC Insurance Companies, as they discuss findings from pilots conducted together, and the vision for the future use of data for work comp.

Key Takeaways:

1. How wearable technology provides a unique means of gathering relevant EHS and work comp data while respecting employee privacy

2. How machine learning & AI are being used to identify high-risk safety trends that are immediately actionable

3. How TRUE Leading Indicators help companies reduce risks and workers’ compensation claims

4. Case studies with findings and insights around; process improvements, environmental hazards detected, uncovering harmful human motion, and positively impacting safety culture.

5.Important considerations for insurers piloting innovation