Plant Engineering Webcast Features MākuSafe

December 16, 2021

MākuSafe was recently invited to join a two-part webcast presentation series for Plant Engineering; “Best practices sanitation and safety in food and other industries.”

The webcast presentation, delivered by MākuSafe’s VP of Marketing, Tom West, looks at how workforce wearable technologies offer a unique means of gathering data, automating & integrating, and addressing significant management challenges. Use case examples from deployments of wearables in food packaging and processing environments are shared, with findings and insights related to process & quality improvements, simplifying management processes, potential hazards and risks detected, and positively impacting safety culture.

If you want to skip past the first presentation in the two-part series and get directly to the MākuSafe content, you can start the webcast at 26:58. View the webcast on-demand here.