MākuSafe in Mug News Article

December 29, 2021

MākuSafe’s Founder and wearable technology was recently featured in an article by Donald Rashid on Mug.News.

MākuSafe Wearable Technology Builds Workplace Safety From West Des Moines, Iowa.

By Donald Rashid Published December 21, 2021

MākuSafe co-founder and CEO Gabriel Glynn and his company created innovative wearable technology in West Des Moines, Iowa to foster workplace safety and real time job site data gathering.

The company pursues safety using cloud based AI/Analytics and wearable sensor technology inserted into an armband, which also houses a voice memo recorder.

Wearable technology is personal for this CEO.  Glynn’s passion stems from his family lineage. His father spent the last half of his career as a safety leader, and 100 years ago Glynn’s grandfather narrowly missed being involved in a fatal plant explosion.

According to Glynn, “The value of human capital, worker safety, has never been higher.”  

Elegant Simplicity – Wearable Sensor Technology.

MākuSafe’s wearable device is comfortably worn on the arm of each worker and requires little employee training or interaction.

Each worker now carries with them a powerful array of sensors gathering data from the environment around them, as well as exposures and experiences. This data about potential hazards and risk including heat exposure, noise levels, air quality, and slips/trips/exertion, is sent in real-time to a cloud-based analytics platform called MakuSmart. 

Safety and operations managers now have intelligence at their fingertips that may indicate when sound and noise levels are too high, which could impact worker hearing for a lifetime.

These leading indicators of environmental, health and safety hazards enable proactive risk mitigation, ultimately preventing accidents and workers’ compensation insurance claims.  

MākuSafe’s wearable builds a connected worksite and creates high performance and enhanced personal safety.  Bringing the workers into the connected environment is one way Glynn describes the human value of their technology.  Glynn adds a sobering thought when he said “1,000 people globally die on worksites every day.”  MakuSafe offers both employers and employees new levels of job site safety.

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