MākuSafe Workforce Wearables in Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing Magazine

February 22, 2022

Plastics Machinery Magazine

Our workforce wearable safety technology was recently highlighted in Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing Magazine’s Product Innovations section. The publication covers topics in the industry ranging from injection molding, extrusion, molds and tools and blow molding to additive manufacturing, thermoforming, recycling and manufacturing.

The highlight covers the features of our wearable technology including monitoring environmental conditions such as noise levels, heat indices, humidity and air quality, as well as hazardous motions like slips/trips/falls. Our newest feature, Motion Explorer is mentioned as well. This new feature filters data and creates graphical, interactive insights into hazardous repetitive motion and high-force motions. These insights allow the safety manager to easily compare workers’ overall physicality and compare it to other workers doing the same job.

Most importantly, the coverage mentions that workers compensation insurance carriers have reported a 50% drop in the quantity and frequency of claims and a 90% reduction in the severity of claims for policyholders using the MākuSafe system.

Scroll through the entire digital publication here.