MākuSafe Webinar for Iowa Sustainable Business Forum on Feb. 16th

February 9, 2022

MākuSafe’s Tom West and CIRAS‘s Chris Hill will present a webinar on industrial wearable safety tech for members of the Iowa Sustainable Business Forum on February 16th. Details of the webinar are listed below. Visit https://iowasbf.org/ for more information.

How Workforce Wearable Tech Is Enhancing Safety And Productivity Today
As the world around us becomes more and more connected and data-driven, companies have the potential to harness valuable information to benefit their businesses and workers. This session will discuss how wearable technology, machine learning, AI and cloud computing are helping business leaders gain valuable insight into understanding workplace risks to keep workers safe, and the possibilities created for integrating the now connected worker into the fabric of industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing initiatives.

Case studies from deployments of wearables in a variety of industrial environments will be examined and examples provided of how the data gathered from wearables has led to; work changes and process improvements, environmental hazards detected, uncovering harmful human motion, and positively impacting safety culture while respecting employee privacy.