MākuSafe® Implements TensorFlow to create Machine Learning Platform for MākuSmart® Safety Analytics Solution

April 23, 2018

MākuSafe® Implements TensorFlow to create Machine Learning Platform for MākuSmart® Safety Analytics Solution

Revolutionary technology offers competitive advantage in creating insights for insurance companies

DES MOINES, IOWA (Apr. 12, 2018)MākuSafe, a Des Moines-based insurance technology company, today announced that it has implemented TensorFlow as the key machine learning solution within their MākuSmart® cloud platform.

Machine learning continues to play a key role in helping companies understand complex data in real time at enterprise scale. MākuSafe® ’s sophisticated wearable technology, coupled with their MākuSmart® cloud platform leverages machine learning to help manufacturers and insurance companies better understand and prevent workplace injuries.

First developed three years ago by engineers from Google, TensorFlow has been lauded by software companies and innovators (including Google) alike, thanks to its combination of sophistication and flexibility.

“The need to interpret large amounts of motion data collected by the MākuSafe® wearable makes an effective machine learning platform critical for producing the insights we deliver to customers,” said Kevin Krefting, MākuSafe® CIO. “After careful review and multiple proofs-of-concept, we’ve decided TensorFlow’s revolutionary technology is the right match for our needs.

“Our use of machine learning gives MākuSafe® a unique advantage over other solutions in the InsurTech industry,” Krefting added.

TensorFlow machine learning resides at the core of the MākuSmart® cloud platform, crunching large quantities of motion data from MākuSafe® wearables to accurately describe individual worker movements. In addition, the MākuSmart® machine learning implementation continues learning about complex worker behaviors and can discover leading indicators to prevent impending workplace injury.

“This combination of wearable technology, cloud computing and machine learning will enable MākuSafe® to lead the way in preventing workplace injuries, and significantly change the workplace safety landscape,” said Krefting.

To learn more about MākuSafe® wearables and the MākuSmart® cloud platform, visit their website at www.makusafe.com.


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