MākuSafe Exhibiting at Smart Factory Expo

August 8, 2023

MākuSafe’s Aaron Johnson will exhibit at the Smart Factory Expo in Cleveland, TN on August 10th, 2023. The Smart Solutions for Smart Factories Expo & CRMA Manufacturers Excellence Luncheon is focused on helping manufacturers embrace Industry 4.0 with innovative technology and solution providers. MākuSafe will be among the vendors sharing solutions for productivity and responsiveness in your production environment, but the only one doing that with a safety emphasis.

MākuSafe is the leading connected worker technology; combining a safety focus with the ability to digitally connect workers to smart machines, smart buildings and other factory automation technology. Connected workers are the future of every worksite across the planet. Just like safety glasses, hearing protection, and hard hats, workforce wearables are the next evolution. Increased safety and improved productivity are the driving forces behind Industry 4.0 and connected worker technologies like MākuSafe. Worksites are complex, connected environments, and MākuSmart is at the center of an Industry 4.0 solution. The MākuSmart SaaS platform allows that data to come together in a single cloud platform. An open API framework and webhooks take in data from, or exchange data with, other IIoT sources. Schedule a demo to take a deeper look or set up a meeting with Aaron while you are at the Smart Factory Institute event!