Iowa State University Findings from Capstone Project with MākuSafe

July 26, 2019

MākuSafe® is proud to be working with the talented students of Iowa State in the Technology Capstone Project ABE.

“Undertaking this project will allow MākuSafe® to have a better understanding of the force required to break the holster if it becomes snagged on something in a work environment. While there have been no incidents, MākuSafe® wants to have a design that will keep workers safe. The data collected in this project will be used to recommend designs changes to the holster shape, material, or both. Anyone who is in the manufacturing or safety industry should care about this project as wearable safety devices may become the new norm.”

The report concluded that our 2nd (Current) generation armband holster, is able to break off at a 23 lb of load force.
The report quotes, “We currently are recommending that MākuSafe® make no changes to the 2nd generation model of the device holster.” This confirms, in fact, the holster is able break off in case the armband is caught.

MākuSafe® is always looking for opportunities to better our revolutionary product. We thank the students of Iowa State for compiling this report and look forward to future collaboration.

Download the complete story in PDF