National Safety Month: COVID-19

June 7, 2021

While the pandemic isn’t quite in the rearview mirror yet, we took a moment to reflect on some of the safety trends that emerged during the past 18 months as companies sought to protect workers and maintain business. The National Safety Council infographic below shows 8 trends that have surfaced or are predicted for the near future in the realm of workplace safety due to COVID-19. MākuSafe’s wearable safety intelligence system is already fully engaged with many of these trends.

  • Transparency is becoming table stakes in the workplace. Employees are more engaged and aligned with the mission with they know what’s going on behind the scenes and why. With the MākuSmart platform, safety leaders can see real-time data resulting in a MākuScore, showing the progress of the team. Safety leaders can share this data with their workers to help them understand how their actions contribute to a safer workplace and the workers have the ability to communicate live updates back to safety management via voice memo recordings from the device. This two-way communication and transparency helps build trust and engagement among the team.

  • The pandemic has shown us that safety must be the #1 priority. Without it, we can’t achieve any other business goals. Clients who use MākuSafe are demonstrating to their workers that they prioritize safety and are willing to invest in it. With a focus on leading indicator data, the MākuSafe system helps safety leaders be proactive rather than reactive.

  • Those who adopt technology will always be better positioned to adapt and pivot to a changing business environment. MākuSafe is no different. We launched contact tracing as part our wearable technology shortly after the pandemic began in the U.S. We continue to evolve with the latest technology, offering connected worker and Industry 4.0 integrations and automations. Industrial organizations who embrace technology will be ahead of the game and better suited to navigate future safety challenges.

  • Radical collaboration? We are here for it. Our partnerships help drive our innovation. We learn from our clients and push forward to develop new features and functionality to create safer work sites.

Check out all the trends below and reach out for a quick demo or contact us to learn more!