MākuSafe Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Key Milestones

May 11, 2021

MākuSafe celebrates its fifth anniversary this week and we took time to look back over the major milestones that have carried us to this point. From an idea on the back of napkin to a team of 25+ deploying wearable tech at worksites across the country, we’ve come a long way! The one thing that has never changed was our core desire to send more workers home safely at the end of each shift. It’s this desire that motivates our entire team to make continual hardware and software improvements and work with our clients to use the data collected to predict and prevent accidents.

MākuSafe’s CEO and Co-Founder, Gabriel Glynn said, “This anniversary is meaningful for so many reasons. Over these past 5 years we have done so much work to launch our commercial product, surround ourselves with a growing talented team and navigate through a pandemic to take care of our own staff and thousands of industrial workers. What we are doing isn’t easy, but it really matters. We are so fortunate to have been able to work together over the past 5 years and now we can come together to celebrate the difference we are making in industrial organizations across the U.S.” 

Mark Frederick, CTO & Co-Founder and Gabriel Glynn, CEO & Co-Founder showing off the original alpha device for the MākuSafe workforce wearable.

We’ve come a long way since that original alpha device. From patents to pilot programs, check out our journey below:

MākuSafes 5 Year Anniversary Milestones

Download the full infographic below.