Jay McDoniel, Backend Developer

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Jay McDoniel

Backend Developer

Jay is an open source enthusiast who has been honing his craft with code
for the past six years. He started off building a simple dice roller
after a college class to solidify his understanding and has moved from
simple executables to full scale web servers, managing databases, and
building front ends.

Jay went to school at Texas A&M for Physics, originally planning to go
on to Acoustical Engineering or Architecture to follow his love of sound
and music, but found that code pulled his heart and head in a way that
just felt right. Since then, he has worked for both Fortune 500
companies and startups, seeing every side of the software development
spectrum, and has acquired skills to go with such. He has also provided
support for open source software in terms of chats on support servers,
answers provided in forums like StackOverflow, and new packages for
others to use hosted on GitHub.

When he’s not working on his own packages or providing support, he’s
either coming up with new D&D characters, tinkering with his personal
site, playing some video games with his partner, or out hiking with his
kids at a local state park.