The MākuSmart® Software Platform

The MākuSmart cloud SaaS platform enables effective safety management. Easy to understand, and available on any device! Actionable analytics dashboards provide leadership with metrics and valuable insights about potential risks and hazards in real-time – allowing safety and operations personnel to take proactive steps and implement control measures to improve worker health, safety, and productivity.

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Proactive Safety Management Made Easy

MākuSmart can be customizable, allows for EHS reporting, and can take in data from other IoT sources (via API) to be displayed alongside workforce wearable data. The platform is designed to put connected worker data into the fabric of the connected factory or site, and help safety & operations managers optimize their facility or work and foster a safety-first culture.

Discover key features for safety professionals

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Voice Memos

Displays latest recorded voice memos from workers, playable audio files with text translation. Allows leaders to take action on near-misses/good catches, and easily identify hazards that need immediate attention, talk with workers about observations, and develop proactive strategies to mitigate potential risks.

Easy to navigate, at-a-glance, analytics dashboard

Highest priorities, immediately actionable. Allows leadership to see the latest occurrences, and easily identify hazards that need attention, monitor changing conditions by location, measure key metrics, and develop proactive strategies to mitigate potential hazards. Key metrics make safety improvements trackable and aid benchmarking and ROI measurement.

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Latest Indicators

Latest environmental happenings and motion occurrences displayed. See in real-time; which workers are at risk of heat exposure, which is achieving abnormally high TWA for noise/sound exposure, which is encountering unusual air quality, who may be working in low/no light areas, and more… a game-changer for keeping workers safe and eliminating concerns before productivity or health is impacted. Identification of slips/trips, repetitive motion, and physicality of push/pulls for example can enable proactive addressing of ergonomic hazards. Opt-in notifications and alerts for the latest trends and patterns.

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Tasks & Hazards

Leaders can create task lists based on the latest indicators and other data being gathered and shared when talking to workers on the front lines. Track completion of key to-do’s to ensure worker safety. Hazards can also be created with one click, from any indicator or voice memo which allows easy monitoring of control measure effectiveness and follow-up to ensure desired results.

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SkyView™ Location

View environmental or motion indicators by the locations throughout the facility where they are occurring. The MakuSmart platform displays a facility floorplan or sitemap and overlays indicators on it, to provide a visual heatmap of where things are happening and the ability to see trends over a selected time interval. The location identification and coverage range are scalable to suit any size facility or job site and give leaders a comprehensive view of indicator activity by area, zone, room, or workstation.

Engagement Index

The Engagement Index is designed to help you elevate your performance through analyzing four key measurements of success: MākuSmart Usage, Device Usage, Taking Action, and MyVoice Usage.

View your current index, track historical values, get improvement tips, and compare against other sites.

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Full reporting features and capabilities are available to facilitate the study of data in MākuSmart. Create deep-dive data sets to thoroughly investigate details. Set up monthly report templates and prep for meetings with a click. Or, use API keys to automatically share a generated sets of data with other platforms. On-demand contact tracing reports show workers who have been in close proximity with others over any defined timeframe. Uncover details by worker, location, indicator types, and more.

Motion Explorer

Motion Explorer studies hazardous repetitive and high-force motions over time including; impactful lifting, forceful twisting/turning, hazardous pushing & pulling affecting shoulders/backs, and more. This new tool provides highly visual and interactive insight that is both easy-to-understand and actionable. Algorithmically, Motion Explorer is able to deduce the intensity of a worker’s effort expended and arrive at conclusions about the level of potential impact on them for each day. The worker is then ranked and their physicality can even be compared against other workers. This is accompanied by contributing indicators and deeper data, including types of movement, where it happened and when it happened.

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Cross-Team Collaboration

The platform also serves as a communication and collaboration conduit between multiple user audiences. In industrial organizations, front line safety supervisors can easily share reports and metrics with their corporate leadership, giving an inside look at the KPIs, track ROI of safety improvements, actions taken, results achieved, and driving a culture of safety. Insurer loss-control teams can use the platform to deliver services to policyholders and stay closely engaged no matter the distance or the size of the client.

Wearable Technology on worker to track safety

The Voice of The Frontline Worker

Our wearable device features an easy-to-use push-to-talk button that anyone wearing the armband can use. Much like today’s cellphone voicemail, your actual voice, and a text-based message of the memo, is then sent to whoever is designated. This could be the Shift Supervisor, the Safety Leader, the Plant Manager, or anyone who needs to know what’s happening on the frontlines.

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