Wearable Tech Conversation with NSC’s Work to Zero and AIHA [VIDEO]

April 1, 2024

This recent webinar is a great starting point for any who are considering implementing safety tech, or more specifically a wearable solution.

MākuSafe works closely with the National Safety Council, and serves on the advisory committee of NSC’s Work To Zero initiative. We interact with many from AIHA fairly regularly, and have collaborated with SAIF. NFI’s discussion of how they considered and implemented MākuSafe is a useful model for any organization to learn from.

Useful bookmark points in the video:

6:26 Overview of NSC’s Work To Zero mission.

11:51 SAIF Corp. innovation team’s roadmap to deploying wearable safety tech solutions.

16:51 Considerations before implementation of wearables.

24:05 NFI discusses readiness, and their experience in considering, implementation process, and use of MākuSafe wearable technology.