Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN) Announces Partnership with MākuSafe

June 8, 2021

Wabash Heartland Innovation Network announced the addition of a new technology partner. MākuSafe will now be available for all participating Manufacturing Alliance members.

MākuSafe is an award-winning safety, data, and analytics solution aimed at improving worker health, safety, and productivity while reducing incidents and mitigating workplace hazards and risk exposures. The MākuSafe system combines a robust safety management software platform with innovative wearable technology that provides immediate access to real-time EHS data with predictive value. Learn more about the partnership here: makusafe.com/whin

“We are incredibly excited to be adding MākuSafe to our list of solutions for manufacturers,” says Jack Stucky, VP of Engineering at WHIN. “We look forward to helping manufacturers implement this new and innovative technology.”

The data gathered from wearables not only gives real-time insight into environmental and ergonomic hazards workers face, but enhances near-miss reporting, provides awareness of where people are operating, and allows for integrations within smart facilities

“Connected workers are the future of every worksite across the planet. Just like safety glasses, hearing protection, and hard hats, workforce wearables are the next evolution. Increased safety and improved productivity are the driving forces behind Industry 4.0 and connected worker technologies like MākuSafe,” said Gabriel Glynn, MākuSafe’s Co-Founder and CEO.

The addition of MākuSafe’s technology underscores WHIN’s commitment to develop the region into a global epicenter of next-generation manufacturing. For more information or to get started with the program, click here.

SOURCES: Alivia Roberts, Marketing and Communications Manager, Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN): Alivia@whin.org; Jason Tennenhouse, VP Strategy and Design, Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN): Jason@whin.org.

ABOUT WHIN: WHIN is an innovative nonprofit organization devoted to making the 10-county Wabash Heartland region of north-central Indiana the global epicenter of digital agriculture and next-generation manufacturing empowered by smart IoT technology.

ABOUT MAKUSAFE: MākuSafe is an award-winning safety data and analytics company based in America’s Heartland. Our mission is to improve worker health, safety, and productivity while reducing worker compensation claims and mitigating workplace hazards and risk exposures. Founded in 2016, MākuSafe developed patented wearable technology that gathers; real-time leading indicators of environmental conditions, potentially hazardous motion data, near-miss voice memos from workers, and the location of these occurrences within a facility or site. Our cloud platform, MākuSmart, takes in data from our wearable tech and other Industry 4.0 IIoT systems and equipment, then uses machine learning and AI to identify high-risk trends in the facility, aid process efficiencies, and provides automation integration potential. The portal makes hazard intelligence immediately actionable, proactively targets remediation resources to specific conditions and occurrences, and streamlines compliance reporting as well as offering COVID related features. The MākuSafe approach respects worker privacy, positively impacts safety culture and mindset. MākuSafe delivers its product through insurers, as well as to end-users in industry.