Tom West Speaking at Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS)

October 4, 2021

The MākuSafe team will be participating in the 8th Annual Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) during the month of October. The event features a day-long conference each Wednesday of the month with an online learning and networking platform available throughout the month. EWTS is the longest-running and most comprehensive event dedicated to the business and industrial applications of wearables, including AR/VR/MR glasses and headsets, body-worn sensors, and exoskeletons.

Not only will the MākuSafe team be networking, learning and sharing product demos during the event, Tom West, VP will present to the conference attendees on October 27 at 1:00 pm PDT a session called (Case Study) Workforce Wearable Tech For Risk Management, Industrial Safety, Reduced Claims, & Industry 4.0.

Session details:

Workforce wearables can go beyond biometrics and fitness, tracking useable data that’s relevant to employee safety and focused on the environment around an employee, not the employee themselves. This data includes environmental hazards, ergonomics, slips/trips, proximity, and near-misses, providing a more complete picture of workplace risk. With this data, manufacturers, construction, and industrial organizations can gain real-time evidence-based insights enabling proactive and preventative hazard remediation ensuring their workers’ safety, and lower workers’ compensation claims. Key takeaways from the session include:

1. How wearable technology provides a unique means of gathering relevant EHS data while respecting employee privacy.

2. How machine learning & AI are being used to identify high-risk safety trends that are immediately actionable.

3. Safety & risk management effectiveness and efficiency, including COVID contact tracing.

4. Actual use cases from the field in a variety of industrial environments.

The conference includes hundreds of speakers, including talks from Ford Motors, Cargill, Amazon, ExxonMobil, Boeing and more. Registered attendees can visit with the MākuSafe team and even catch a live demo here: