Tom West Presenting at Ohio Safety Conference

March 8, 2024

Join Tom West and Shawn Harrington in Columbus OH at OSC24! Tom will be delivering a session on wearable technology accelerating human and organizational performance. MākuSafe will host a private reception Wednesday evening 4:30-6:30pm. Connect with Shawn & Tom for details by scanning the QR code and sending us a text:

Innovation and Technology Session:
Wearable Tech To Reduce Injuries & Aid HOP Efforts!

Learn how wearable safety tech is providing valuable, real-time leading indicators of environmental health and safety risks before incidents occur. Tech can preserve privacy, be human-centric, and enable a new view of safety management – human and organizational performance (HOP). Cases across industries illustrate work and process improvements, environmental hazards detected such as heat/noise/air quality, reduction in strain/exertion injuries, slips/trips/falls, and cultural benefits.

After this session, you will be able to:

  1. Identify how wearable technology provides a unique means of gathering relevant EHS data while respecting employee privacy
  2. Describe the basic principles of human and organizational performance, an evolution of safety management.
  3. Discuss how T.R.U.E indicators to hazard and risk can be made actionable and help companies improve work and reduce risks and workers’ compensation claims.