The Justin Brady Show Features MākuSafe Co-Founder/CEO

July 14, 2021

MākuSafe’s Co-Founder and CEO, Gabriel Glynn was recently interviewed on The Justin Brady Show, a podcast focused on emerging tech ideas, companies and leaders. You can listen to the podcast from your favorite podcast provider or find it here.

Here’s a brief summary of the key points from Justin’s website:

Gabriel Glynn, CEO of MākuSafe
Gabriel Glynn had created a few small businesses in the past, but when he noticed common workplace safety issues could be fixed with advances in technology, he founded his first hardware company, MākuSafe. To date, MākuSafe has raised over 10 million dollars, is 5 years, old and just launched 8 months ago in the middle of the COVID Pandemic. Despite this, MākuSafe’s wearable safety technology is being used by 2000 workers in 20 states.

A Worker Safety Wearable
Glynn explained MākuSafe’s EHS 4.0 technology is packed with quite a few sensors designed to capture granular data and have a clear view of safety conditions in the workplace. The data collected is then organized and presented in a web dashboard so managers and company leadership can see any areas of concern on the worksite or in the workplace.
Typical worker safety concerns could be high decibel levels leading to hearing loss, repetitive or strenuous motion, poor lighting conditions, or poor air quality. Glynn explained that sometimes a “safe” work area can be only a few feet away from a “dangerous” work area.