STEM Essential Podcast Discusses Jobs of the Future

November 18, 2020

MākuSafe’s CEO and Co-Founder was recently appointed to the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council. He joined the STEM Essential podcast with host, Jeff Weld, Executive Director of the council to talk about the future of STEM jobs.

Around 13 years ago, Gabe left the corporate world for new adventures in entrepreneurship and founded and exited several companies. It was his family history in manufacturing that eventually lead him to start a successful Advanced Manufacturing podcast. The podcast connected him with many manufacturers and allowed him an inside look at some of the issues industrial organizations face. After so many factory tours, combined with his family’s background, Gabe took a particular interest in industrial safety and how technology and data could actually be used to keep workers safer. Thus, MākuSafe was born.

In his interview with Jeff, Gabe talks about his experience building a STEM company and attracting and retaining STEM talent, especially during a pandemic. You can listen here or find it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.