Manufacturing Safety Tech Deep in the Heartland

June 13, 2017

Like so many Midwestern kids of a certain age, Gabriel Glynn was raised around manufacturing. And like so many Midwestern kids of a certain age, he shifted away from the factories and their production while still relatively young. Why not explore some other corners of the working world?

After a stint in corporate America, Glynn developed a handful of different companies, every previous effort unfolding into the next. After a decade, he had shifted his focus from insurance and inventory to building digital industrial products, ever evolving with newer technology. Skills and lessons learned during previous stops were always applied to the next project.

After that first decade, he had also sold one of his businesses, which left him with a little extra time and money … which led him right back to manufacturing.

The son of a veteran machinist who now works as a safety manager, Glynn figured he would tour whatever factories would have him for a day or two. He could glean best practices, strategy, all that, and apply it to his next venture. Instead, he found himself engrossed with industrial stories and picked up some new recording equipment for his Advanced Manufacturing Podcast, an engrossing series often recorded right on the floor.

“I grew up around manufacturing, which is what inspired the podcast,” Glynn said. And one visit for the podcast, to a factory he would prefer remain nameless for obvious reasons, inspired his latest effort…

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