Gabriel Glynn on AmplifiIA podcast with Veronica Roshek

November 9, 2020

MākuSafe’s CEO and Co-Founder, Gabriel Glynn joined the AmplifiIA podcast with host, Veronica Roshek to talk about his journey as a startup founder in Iowa and the origins of MākuSafe, a wearable safety technology startup.. They discuss how the MākuSafe wearable technology has evolved and the very real problem of injuries and fatalities for industrial workers. One thing Gabe is careful to point out is that it matters that MākuSafe serves as an advocate for the worker and is not a watchdog for their productivity. MākuSafe is focused on gathering the data from around the worker and providing actionable insights to safety leaders to help them improve the overall safety and efficiency of their organization. Listen in to hear how industrial organizations are using the technology and what kind of insights they have uncovered!