MākuSafe Tom West to speak at Kirkwood Safety Conference 2024

March 11, 2024

The Kirkwood Safety Conference is designed for all individuals involved in their company’s safety programs who aim to refresh their safety perspectives and seek opportunities to learn something new. We also welcome newcomers to the safety profession and value their questions and insights. Safety conferences like this one offer an excellent platform to network with fellow safety professionals and stay updated on the latest safety measures and trends.

How Human & Organizational Performance (HOP), Wearables, and AI are Safety Management Game-Changers

Speaker: Tom West, SHRM, HRCI, COSS

Wearable technology in conjunction with AI and analytics are now helping companies identify safety risks before they happen. The right tech with a human-centric approach can also enable HOP initiatives, help build culture, and strengthen worker engagement and mindset. Through data and use cases from a variety of industries, you will explore how wearables and technology work together to provide true leading indicators for preventative safety management, resulting in reduced incidents and workers’ compensation claims and creating a new era in workplace safety.