MākuSafe® Launches Pilot Partner Program (PPP)

August 7, 2018

MākuSafe® Launches Pilot Partner Program (PPP)

(June 26, 2018) We’re excited to announce that MākuSafe® is now offering a paid pilot opportunity for insurance partners. This program will offer a very limited number of workers compensation insurers to become early adopters of MākuSafe® technology.

We believe that through these pilots with close strategic partners and their policyholders, we can gain deeper insight into the predictive value of the data collected and collaborate strategically on how insurers take in and act on that data to create safer workplaces.

We’ve been collaborating closely with many carriers/agents/brokers already to gain their feedback, but our pilot program will allow them to be among the first to use and build programs around our data.

As we scale up hardware production, only limited quantities will be available. We’ve built a paid pilot offering which holds tremendous value for partners, this is an early opportunity for both MākuSafe® and early adopter insurers to gain significant experience and understanding.

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