MākuSafe Hosts Annual Users Conference

October 17, 2022

West Des Moines, IA – MākuSafe recently held its annual Users Conference at The River Center in Downtown Des Moines, attracting attendees in-person and virtually from organizations across the country. The focus of the conference was centered on optimizing safety management through the use of wearable technology and EHS leading indicator data that has tremendous value in understanding workplace risks and hazards. Attendees heard perspectives from industrial safety professionals, risk management teams and front-line workers, in addition to hearing about future developments in MākuSafe technology. The annual event doubled in size from 2021.

Well-Aligned Partnerships
The conference was made possible with the support of generous sponsors and partners, most notably, EMC Insurance Companies was the lead sponsor for the second year in a row. MākuSafe and EMC have been close partners for several years now and EMC’s mission to “improve lives” is well aligned with MākuSafe’s goal to send more workers home safely each day. EMC has worked with MākuSafe to help its worker’s compensation clients reduce the frequency and severity of industrial accidents and injuries. Other sponsors included CIRAS, numerous worker’s compensation insurers, and Safeopedia.com.

Demonstrated Impact and Success Stories
Presentations throughout the day highlighted MākuSafe customers’ use cases with wearable technology, and quantified losses avoided or benefits being realized to those organizations. MākuSafe has been shown to reduce claims frequency by up to 90% and severity by as much as 50%. Impact was illustrated around reducing strain and exertion injuries and preventing musculoskeletal disorders, lower incident rates, preventing harmful heat and noise exposure, and identifying poor air quality concerns. Gains in efficiency and productivity by integrating the connected worker into advanced manufacturing environments were also explained.

Presenters Share Diverse Safety Perspectives
MākuSafe’s Technology Team shared exciting new capabilities and developments in their hardware and software, as well as a future roadmap. Jason Kunz, CSP, CIH of 3M’s Global Safety and Health Team who kicked off the day with a dynamic keynote, followed by Doug Fletcher of Fletcher Safety Consulting and the What’s The Hazard Podcast, Peter Susca of OpX Safety, and Zachary Finn of Henriott Group. Nationwide safety organizations participated in the day, sharing priorities and trends, including Emily Whitcomb from The National Safety Council’s Work to Zero and MSD Solutions Lab initiatives, as well as Chris Williams and Heidi Hill of the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association (VPPPA).

One attendee commented, “MākuSafe is continuing to evolve and improve the features of the technology. Very impressive. This conference was MUCH more than a rah-rah for MākuSafe. I really enjoyed the ties to HOP, psychological safety, SIF prevention, building culture, etc. The content was higher level with a lot of great subject matter experts and thought leaders in safety. This conference exceeded my expectations! Well done (EVERY DETAIL!) by the MākuSafe team!!!”

Planning for the 2023 event is already underway. The call for speakers will open in January 2023 and can be accessed at makusafe.com/usersconference.

About MākuSafe
MākuSafe is an award-winning safety data and analytics company with a mission to improve worker health, safety, and productivity while reducing worker compensation claims and mitigating workplace hazards and risk exposures. Learn more at www.makusafe.com.