MākuSafe and WESCO Join Forces to Revolutionize Workplace Safety

May 23, 2024

MākuSafe Corp. proudly announces a partnership with Wesco International, Inc., marking a significant leap forward in advancing workplace safety and productivity.

MākuSafe, a leader in wearable technology and data analytics solutions, has teamed up with Wesco, a Fortune 500 company renowned for its electrical, industrial, and communications products and services, to deliver cutting-edge safety solutions to businesses worldwide.

The collaboration aims to integrate MākuSafe’s innovative wearable device with Wesco’s extensive product offerings and supply chain expertise, empowering organizations to enhance safety protocols and streamline operations.

Todd Sutphen, Vice President of Sales and Client Success at MākuSafe, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Wesco’s commitment to frontline worker well-being aligns perfectly with MākuSafe’s mission. Together, we can provide unparalleled safety solutions and drive meaningful change across industries.”

Gabriel Glynn, CEO and Co-Founder of MākuSafe, emphasized the transformative potential of the partnership, stating, “By combining MākuSafe’s advanced technology with Wesco’s industry-leading products and services, we can revolutionize workplace safety and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.”

The collaboration between MākuSafe and Wesco promises to deliver tangible benefits to businesses, including reduced accident rates, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced worker safety.