Gabriel Glynn Named ACORD Top InsurTech Leader

January 26, 2022

MākuSafe’s Founder and CEO has been recognized again as one of the top ten insurtech leaders by ACORD in conjunction with Alchemy Crew. Every year, ACORD evaluates vision, execution, and outcomes to identify the Top Ten Leaders with the greatest current and future ability to change the industry through InsurTech.

This year, ACORD is presenting the InsurTech Leaders list in conjunction with Alchemy Crew. They have identified three key threads driving InsurTech innovation in the current environment.

  1. Collaboration: For InsurTech, collaboration has always been at the core of the business models that truly drive change and differentiation. Leaders in this space bridge the gap between startups and the large, established players, embracing the benefits of each. Carriers, brokers, and solution providers alike have learned that the most effective path to innovation often lies in co-developing with trading partners along each step of the process, so that business informs technology and vice versa.
  2. Sustainability & Inclusion: The insurance industry has both an opportunity and an obligation to secure a positive future for both itself and those it serves. Whether providing opportunities within the industry through their own hiring and retention practices, or expanding insurance into underserved markets, these leaders are driving much-needed change. They provide equal access to resources and opportunities to those who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, and are able to meet their own needs without compromising future generations.
  3. Global Ecosystem-building: Our industry is finally embracing the idea that robust networks, interconnected systems, and global digitization are not optional—they are necessary for efficiency and growth. Ecosystem-building leaders are on the cutting edge of these developments, accelerating the pace of change. They understand the power of network effects, and embrace “coope-tition” with their industry counterparts. They have also begun to collaborate beyond the insurance industry, tapping into new sources of experience and expertise.

Read the full list of InsurTech Leaders here.