Conexus Indiana Emerging Tech Webinar: Risk Management Through Workforce Wearables

February 10, 2021

MākuSafe’s CEO and CoFounder, Gabriel Glynn spoke at the Conexus Indiana Emerging Technology Showcase webinar; “Risk Management through Workforce Wearables.” The interactive webinar, featuring a panel discussion, was presented LIVE on Thursday, February 25, at 12:30 PM ET and is now available on-demand here or watch below.

MākuSafe’s CoFounder shared a brief overview of the technology and engaged in a panel discussion with risk management experts: Andrew Ball with Henriott Group, Zachary Finn with Butler University, Mike Panizzi of FCCI Insurance Group and moderated by Mitch Landess of Conexus Indiana.

Wearable Tech in the Workplace

MākuSafe is a safety company that is focused on reducing workplace injuries through the use of data and wearable technology. Wearable technologies are gaining traction in the workplace. These smart, IoT devices have been popular in fields such as clinical medicine, health and wellness, and scientific research for some time. But last year, COVID-19 brought the topic to the forefront for many organizations as they investigated options for managing a safe work environment during a pandemic.  Some advanced manufacturing and logistics companies are beginning to adopt wearables, and many are finding broader potential for data and analytics to improve worker health, safety, and productivity.