MākuSafe Continues To Expand Team

January 15, 2020

2020 is kicking off with some really exciting developments for MakuSafe. One we are especially proud of is our team growth. We recently added two team members to the already stellar MakuSafe crew. Todd Kratz and Calvin Hall, have joined us as Software Developers.

The newly expanded team meeting in the MakuSafe headquarters.

MakuSafe CEO and Co-Founder, Gabriel Glynn said, “”It’s such a wonderful thing to know that this group of people is dedicated to making a product that will improve countless lives around the world.” 

Meet the newest members of our team!

Todd Kratz, Software Developer

Todd joined the MākuSafe in January 2020, excited for new challenges and opportunities.  Todd comes to us with 25 years of software development experience on a variety of platforms, in many programming languages and for several products including embedded GPS, avionics test, PC tools, games and web apps.  
Todd grew up in Iowa, served overseas in the military, and later attended the University of Iowa where he earned a BS in computer science.  “I’m one of those guys that codes for fun, and have run my own game development studio.”
Todd lives with his wife in Des Moines where they enjoy trying new restaurants with friends, spending time with family, and traveling.

Calvin Hall, Software Developer

Calvin joined MākuSafe in December 2019. He’s a programmer, with roughly ten years of Java experience. His interests include most aspects of computer science, from basic algorithms to compilers and operating systems, and is fluent in many languages and technologies.

Calvin started programming in early middle school, writing bots for his favorite games. Eventually deciding he’d make a career in programming, Calvin has accumulated diverse knowledge and skills and has a desire to continue learning. 
Calvin attended Iowa State University, and now resides in West Des Moines. In his hometown of Cedar Rapids, he completed DeltaV training on web development and modern technology stacks.