MākuSafe’s 3rd Birthday: Celebrating, Reflecting and Moving Forward

May 8, 2019

Founder and CEO Gabriel Glynn looks back on the past three years since MākuSafe’s inception and how this mission-driven company is moving forward to make change.


Three years ago, Mark and I laid out a mission for our company: Making the World Safer Through Technology and Data. Ultimately, we want to change the way the world understands workplace environments. If we succeed in this shift, then we will likely begin to reduce the number of workers that lose their life each day on the job. It’s a tall order, but three years ago that’s what we set out to do.

Today, numerous articles, stories, podcasts, blogs, and news clips have covered MākuSafe® and our mission. We’ve had conversations with organizations across the world. We’ve been invited to speak internally at companies, and paid to speak at events with thousands of attendees, including the Governor’s Safety Conference. We’re constantly getting inbound inquiries from safety leaders at incredible brands, government organizations, and associations focused on improving the lives of workers. Furthermore, we’ve developed five generations of our product, and tested at facilities across central Iowa, impacting large numbers of workers in our own backyard. THAT’S INCREDIBLE!

Now, I’m not ready to stand in front of a crowd and claim “Mission Accomplished”, but let’s just take a moment to let the reality sink in… We ARE changing the workplace. We ARE changing the narrative. We ARE improving workers’ safety. We ARE making a BIG impact, globally. Our team, investors, advisors, friends, and cheerleaders should be incredibly proud to be a part of something that is making such a big difference.


In the coming months we will begin to deploy our technology out to some of the first customers of MākuSafe. These will be trials of the first product that will be produced with our injection molded parts. This will also be the first market version of our product to come from our Contract Manufacturer. These trials are meant to be the last field testing we do with customers before we go to scale production this Fall.

Our team has been pushing so hard to meet milestones, achieve breakthroughs, and build momentum. I’ve never had the pleasure of working with a team with this much talent and drive. It’s been remarkable.

Internally we are working on the next Phase of MākuSafe. Later this year we will have reached our biggest milestone yet, a product ready for market. This means that our company will need to be ready to sell, service, and support our customers. Our core team will continue to work improving our product and integrating feature requests. We will be adding to our team to help install, support, and account-manage our new customer base.


We have a lot to be proud of, but the work is not done. The coming months will be some of the most exciting in the short history of our company, and certainly some of the most memorable in my life. Thank you to the dozens of investors and advisors; and to our friends and families for their support and encouragement. Together, we are doing amazing things.


Gabriel P. Glynn

Galatians 6:9