Making The World Safer Though Technology & Data

We’ve created an extremely efficient and effective way to identify risk in workplace environments through the use of wearable devices and data analysis. Using our patent pending technology we can not only identify areas of risk in a facility but we can also predict the likelihood of who, what, where, why, when, and how an accident may occur in a facility.


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MākuSafe In The News

emc 1-23-2017 EMC Insurance Companies Forms Partnership With Tech Startup



1-20-2017 Iowa Economic Development Authority announces investment in MākuSafe.






Gabriel Glynn, MakuSafe CEO

12-26-2016 The Des Moines Register has named MākuSafe CEO one of “15 People to Watch in 2017” an annual series done by the paper.






11-16-2016 MākuSafe CEO togabecropped take a seat at Startup Stories to speak with Mike Colwell, Executive Director of Square One DSM.