Nicole Torstenson, Marketing & Communications Manager

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Nicole Torstenson

Marketing & Communications Manager

Nicole is an accomplished senior marketing strategist with broad experience in marketing, branding, social media, public relations and events. She has worked with multiple industries in her 20+ years of experience, including: finance, agriculture, real estate, non-profit, retail, insurance, manufacturing, construction, education, healthcare, technology and start-ups. Her career began in retail marketing, followed by corporate marketing, then nearly a decade in an agency environment before starting a freelance journey that led to several years of consulting work with MākuSafe, prior to accepting a full-time position.
In her role as Marketing & Communications Manager, Nicole drives brand growth through strategic marketing initiatives and customer engagement through online and offline channels.
In her free time, she enjoys hanging with her daughters, crossing travel destinations off her bucket list and is very proud of her role in planning the first-ever Iowa Women’s Conference in 2020.