MākuSafe Founder in Accelerant Magazine

By Accelerant Magazine

May 17, 2017

Gabriel Glynn is an entrepreneur with a laser focus on the greater good.

“Every day 1,040 people don’t go home to their families because of work related accidents,” Glynn says. “That means more than 300,000 people have died since I started my company. We are aimed at reducing that number.”

Glynn and his team have invented a rst-of-its-kind wearable safety device that measures environmental conditions around workers while they work, while also providing safety managers with realtime feedback. In under a year the team went from idea to testing working prototypes.

“We’ve raised two rounds of capital and the State of Iowa just awarded us $25,000,” Glynn says. “We have some of the best engineers in the U.S. working on this project and we’re committed to making the world safer though the use of technology and data.”

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About MākuSafe

MākuSafe was formed by a powerful team of software, hardware and data engineers in an effort to prove that workplaces around the globe can be made safer by gathering environmental data around workers WHILE they work. Using analytics and machine learning technology we can turn that data into predictors so that accidents can be stopped before they happen.

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